The Challenges of the Entrepreneur

by Water Street Solutions July 28, 2009

Darren coloradjust (Custom) Farmers are entrepreneurs.  Yet many of us came into the business without specifically thinking about starting a business and being an entrepreneur.  The process has its challenges.  In the book The E Myth Revisited, the author, Michael E. Gerber, points out that a very large percentage of new business fail.  According to his stats, 96% of all new businesses fail in the first 10 years.  Here our CEO and entrepreneur Darren Frye talks with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about some of the challenges of being a farmer-business owner.  Business Book for Entrepreneurs - Frye AUDIO

Financial Considerations for Alternative Farming

by Water Street Solutions July 21, 2009

Darren coloradjust (Custom) There are financial rewards to alternative farming -- like organic farming, or growing specialty crops.  But getting a start in the business requires financial forethought.  For instance, if you're going to farm organically, it's a good idea to do that on land you own, rather than land you rent, because of the control you have over that land.  The transition time to organic farming means a three year period where yields would be lower than in traditional farming and you're not yet allowed to market the crop as organic.  So, CEO Darren Frye says you need to plan financially to have enough working capital to take you through those years.  He talks here with KRVN's Ken Rahjes.  Considerations for Alternative Ag - Frye AUDIO

Trimming Farm Equipment Costs

by Water Street Solutions July 16, 2009

Darren coloradjust (Custom) Most farmers love their new iron.  It's good to know, though, how that impacts long term farm equity and working capital.  CEO Darren Frye talks with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about the choices, and how to measure equipment costs if the goal is profitability.  Equipment Cost Analysis - Frye AUDIO

What Do We Do Now -- With the Grain Market Slide?

by Water Street Solutions July 7, 2009

Darren coloradjust (Custom) It's a stressful time right now, if we've been neglecting our risk management work.  CEO Darren Frye talks with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about developing a strategy for what we can do now, since we've seen grain prices drop significantly in the past week.  Frye advises that growers have a good understanding of their break-evens, and be prepared for upside potential that remains through the rest of this growing season.  What To Do Now - Frye AUDIO

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