Are You Running the Farm, or Is It Running You?

by Water Street Solutions October 26, 2009

Dean Heffta (Custom) With the pace of life these days, it's easy to feel like you have lost control of your own destiny or your own life, or business is managing you, instead of you managing it.  Director Dean Heffta talks here with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about retaking that control by taking a big picture look at your business and putting some structure to the process with goals.  Goal setting, done the right way can set up a path to success and help you feel like you're in the driver's seat again.  Dean talks through the process of SMART goals.  Download the worksheet he discusses here.  SMART Goal Worksheet

Are You Running the Farm -- Heffta AUDIO

For the text of the interview, click here: Are You Running the Farm

Paying Taxes, Continued -- Like Kind Exchange on Land

by Water Street Solutions October 19, 2009

Darren coloradjust (Custom) Pending taxes are not a good reason to be making purchases.  It's something a lot of farmers do though.  We talked last week about this concept as it relates to equipment purchases.  This time, we're addressing land purchases....specifically if a farmer is selling land near a city and looking at a pile of capital gains taxes.  Darren's Frye talks with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about the considerations in this situation.  Paying Taxes Continued - Frye AUDIO

Sometimes It's a Good Thing to Pay Taxes

by Water Street Solutions October 12, 2009

Darren coloradjust (Custom)OK, you read the title.  Before you start throwing anything at the computer screen, just take a few minutes to listen to this interview.  It could help you with your strategy for building your working capital and moving your operation, financially, to a better place.  CEO Darren Frye talks here with KRVN's Ken Rahjes.  Sometimes It's a Good Thing to Pay Taxes - Frye AUDIO

For the text of the interview, click here: Sometimes Its a Good Thing to Pay Taxes

Financial Personal Training for Farmers

by Kim Lang October 9, 2009

Here's an article that ran a little while back in the Illinois AgriNews.  I wanted to share it with you, because it does a good job of explaining how our business works.

Illinois AgriNews Jul 31 2009 B.pdf (34.92 kb)

Diplodia? White Mold? Aflatoxin? If You're Covered -- What Now?

by Kim Lang October 7, 2009

Growers are seeing some challenges this year with White Mold in soybeans and Diplodia in corn.  Some years it's Aflatoxin.  Other times crops can be plagued with an early freeze.  What do these four problems have in common?  Lower revenue for the grower from a damaged crop, and a potential crop insurance claim.  So what should you do?

  • Protect the crop from further damage by providing sufficient care
  • Contact your crop insurance agency and have them get in touch with the company that insures you within 72 hours of when you first discovered the damage.  This is critical.  You need to give notice, by unit, for each insured crop
  • Leave representative samples, if required
  • If it's frost damage to immature crops, notify your agent immediately.  Appraisals on these crops will be deferred 7-10 days but the notice of loss needs to be submitted ASAP

Quality Adjustment Factors (QAF) apply to discounts for:

  • Grade
  • Low test weight
  • Excessive kernel damage
  • Sample grade factors (musty/sour odor)

In the case of Diplodia, it doesn't produce harmful toxins, but an immediate claim is important.  Adjusters will use grain tickets or take bin samples to process claims.  There are discount factors (DF) that apply to substances like Aflatoxin, which are dangerous to consume.  If you suspect any mycotoxins - NOTIFY YOUR CROP INSURANCE AGENT IMMEDIATELY.  Samples need to be taken by an adjuster PRIOR to on-farm or commercial storage.  In this case, samples cannot be pulled from the bin or grain bags. 

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