Bring the Right People Around Your Campfire

by Kim Lang February 22, 2010

dHeffta64 Agriculture is so diverse and changing so quickly that it's difficult for a very successful producer to be an expert in all of the elements of the business.  As you build, it's important to grow a network of advisors to help you along the way.  Our Dean Heffta talks with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about who you should have around your campfire, and how to go about starting this process of growth and development.  

February 22 2010 Whos Around Your Campfire - Heffta.mp3 (2.01 mb)

For the text of the interview, click here:  Who is around your campfire?

Come and See Us at Commodity Classic in Anaheim

by Kim Lang February 18, 2010

If you're coming to the Commodity Classic, you'll want to make sure to mark this session on your program.  At 1:30 on Saturday, March 6th, there's a panel discussion titled Controlling What You Can Control.  Arlan Suderman from Farm Futures Magazine told me that farmers come out in droves to attend an outlook seminar.  And he knows, because he gives them.  It's fun to talk about the factors impacting the markets.  But after a while it gets frustrating, because what can you really do about those factors?  Nothing.  During this session the focus will be on things where you can impact your profitability, simply by learning and tracking and knowing what numbers to watch and what to do with them once you've found them. 

Max Armstrong Photo 2009 128 ArlanSuderman 128 Mike Jacobson 128 Tim Copeland 128 Darren Frye 128

       Max Armstrong                 Arlan Suderman                 Mike Jacobson                Tim Copeland                       Darren Frye

Max Armstrong (you've heard of him, right?) is hosting the session.  Our experts include:  Arlan Suderman, Market Analyst for Farm Futures Magazine; Mike Jacobson, Chairman, President and CEO of NebraskaLand National Bank; Tim Copeland, VP of Marketing at Great American Insurance and Darren Frye, CEO of Water Street Solutions. 

I'm sure you'll go home from this session energized about what you've learned and how it can help you take the financial reins of your operation.  If you can't be there with us, you'll be able to find information from the session on this web site.

Iowa State's Johnson Suggesting ACRE Program for Soybeans in 2010

by Kim Lang February 12, 2010

Steve Johnson (Custom) It's not too late to enroll in the 2010 ACRE program, and Steve Johnson, Farm Management Specialist with Iowa State University says his strategy for the ACRE program would be to focus on farms where you want to plant soybeans.

To hear Steve Johnson comments, click here

For the text of the comments, click here:  ACRE Program comments

Again, the enrollment deadline for the 2010 ACRE program is June 1st.  The grower's signature is required, along with the landowner's signature.  Johnson stresses that the ACRE program replaces the counter-cyclical government program, it does not replace crop insurance.  He says it's very complementary with crop insurance.  Johnson suggests that if we hadn't had a counter-seasonal rally in corn in October, November and December of 2009, there would have been Illinois, Iowa and Missouri farms generating $20 to $40 an acre in ACRE payments.

Successful Negotiating

by Kim Lang February 1, 2010

Dean Heffta (Custom) You might feel like you're negotiating mostly at the equipment dealership or when you're buying inputs, but negotiating skills are important all the time.  And these are skill sets you can learn to improve.  Dean Heffta talks with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about the important steps in the process.

February 1 2010 Successful Negotiating - Heffta.mp3 (3.68 mb)

For the text of the interview, click here: Successful Negotiating

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