Separate Emotions from Business Decisions for Farm

by Kim Lang December 24, 2010

IL Agrinews 9- Dec 2010 (Custom) Buying new machinery sure is fun!  And it's especially fun if it's going to mean tax savings.  In the Money Matters section of this week's Illinois AGRINEWS, Water Street Solutions President and CEO Darren Frye talks about how to make machinery purchase decisions strictly business.   

IL Agrinews Dec 24 2010

Employee Reviews

by Kim Lang December 20, 2010

lCuster64 The end of the year is a good time to evaluate the past and make resolutions for the new year - so employee reviews fall right into that category.  KRVN's Ken Rahjes talks here with Water Street Solutions' Director of Operations Larry Custer about best practices for implementing productive employee reviews on the farm.

Employee Reviews - Custer AUDIO  For the text of the interview, click here: Employee Reviews

Connecting with Farmers in Carlyle, Illinois

by Water Street Solutions December 15, 2010

2010 Dec 15 Carlyle Winter Meeting 029 Today we held our 5th Profitability Planning Workshop with growers in the Carlyle, IL area.  Attendees learned about the importance of understanding financial metrics and using those numbers to make important farm financial decisions.  Information was also shared on the changes coming in crop insurance and why farmers should choose the right experts to help them mesh crop insurance with their commodity marketing.

A discussion about estate planning focused on the importance of having those tough, sometimes emotional discussions that lead us to make our plans to transition the farm to the next generation.

Water Street Solutions has seven more of these meetings coming up in January.  We'd like you to join us.  Click on the Profitability Planning Workshops button on our home page and RSVP.

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