Turning Values into Action

by Water Street Solutions September 27, 2011

dHeffta64The best farmers seem to have a series of rules or processes that they follow, possibly just innately, that help their business out-perform others.  Dean Heffta, the Director of Development for Water Street Solutions has identified these and will be sharing them, piece by piece over the next few months, right here.  The first key to forging farm success is about turning values into action.  He talks about that here with Ken Rahjes from KRVNTurning Values into Action - Heffta AUDIO

It's All About Personal Accountability

by Water Street Solutions September 26, 2011

Family_Circus_5-28-10Remember the little kids in the Family Circus cartoon, and how a lot of the naughty stuff that happened around that house was attributed to "Not Me"?  That's one of the images that I get in my head when I think about personal accountability.  But that's only one piece of it.  Read more about this on Darren Frye's post on Finance First this week on www.farmfutures.com.  You can read it by clicking here.

Advantage May Be Found Apart from the Crowd

by Heather Lauf September 23, 2011

INAgrinews_2011Sept_AdvantageFoundApartFromCrowdIt's easy to follow the crowd, but harder to take a stance when you're alone in your decision. There can be advantages to thinking differently when it comes to your farming business. This month in Money News in the Illinois AgriNews, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, explains the opportunities that surface when you think like a contrarian.


Rule #4: Be Open to Feedback

by Water Street Solutions September 20, 2011

dFrye64This is the final rule in The New Rules of Profitable Farming.  Sometimes it seems like it can be the hardest rule as well.  This rule is about setting aside your ego and developing one (or a few) trusted advisors who can help you improve anything about yourself and your business.  In this segment, Water Street Solutions President and CEO Darren Frye talks with Ken Rahjes from KRVNBe Open to Feedback - Frye AUDIO

Take Action and Learn

by Water Street Solutions September 19, 2011

FarmFuturesLogoNEW (2)This week Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions talks about learning from mistakes - and the mindset change that we need if we're really going to implement that into our business culture.  The post appears on www.farmfutures.com, or you can access it by clicking here.

Rule #3: Leverage the Tools

by Water Street Solutions September 6, 2011

dFrye64We've been talking about The New Rules of Profitable Farming, and we're up to #3 this week.  To review, the first two suggest that you need to know the financial details of your operation and make those decisions, even if you have a consultant helping in this arena.  The second is that you need a plan specific to your operation.  Here we pick up with #3:  Leverage the Tools Frye AUDIO

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