The Risks of a Growing Farm Operation

by Heather Lauf September 16, 2013

FarmFuturesLogoNEW (2)What has changed on your farm lately? Maybe you've built a new building or grain bin. Maybe you recently renovated the farmhouse - or built a new one. The farm is growing and changing every day - but has your insurance agent kept up with all of the changes?

In his weekly Finance First post on, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions talks about one of the biggest risks on a growing farm: the farm's insurance isn't staying on top of the changes. And that can create huge, unnecessary risks. Read it HERE.

Frye Speaks at Farm Management Seminar in Shenandoah, Iowa

by Water Street Solutions February 12, 2013

Farm Mgt SeminarDarren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions spoke to farmers today in Shenandoah, Iowa at a farm management seminar hosted by City National Bank.  Frye presented a session titled: Winning with Base Hits, where he talked about the importance of continuous good decisions, rather than swinging for a grand slam.  He also did a market outlook session for those in attendance.

Are You Protected From Fires in this Dry Harvest Season?

by Water Street Solutions September 17, 2012

FarmFuturesLogoNEW (2)There's a new dimension to farm safety this fall with the weather being as dry as it is.  The added danger is fire.  Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions talks about that this week in his Finance First post on  Learn what you can do to protect your operation from the liability of fire.  Read the article HERE.

Combine and Field Fires on the Rise during 2012 Harvest

by Heather Lauf September 6, 2012

BurntCombineDry fields and dry cornstalks have made combine and field fires an explosive risk this harvest season. We've already heard of several devastating fires occurring due to the combination of high combine heat, buildup on the machine, and extremely dry conditions.

With these risk factors, you'll want to make sure you know where your insurance coverage is coming from. Multi-peril crop insurance does not cover fires started by anything except entirely natural causes - such as lightning. You can obtain specific coverage for fires started by a combine or truck through: a hail insurance policy, a separate policy only covering fires, or a farm insurance policy. Contact your ag risk advisor or crop insurance agent to make sure you understand your fire coverage.

Smart Business Procedures Can Help Prevent Litigation

by Water Street Solutions July 13, 2012

ILAgrinews_2012_July_Smart business procedures can help prevent litigationYou probably never thought about this when you decided to start farming - but you might have foes out there that have nothing to do with Mother Nature or insects.  I'm talking about lawyers.  This month in Money Matters in Illinois AgriNews, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions walks you through some potential risks - and ways to take them off the table.  ILAgriNews_July 13 2012_Smart business procedures can help prevent litigation

Misplaced Optimism

by Water Street Solutions May 29, 2012

FarmFuturesLogoNEW (2)What has you optimistic this year?  It's got to be something - because farming and total pessimism just don't go together.  So are you expecting great yields?  How about the kind of prices we experienced last year?  Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions writes about this in Finance First on  He cautions that we typically don't get both great yields and great prices in one year - and it's a good business decision to consider what you'll do.  Read the post here.  

Are Farmers a Target for Lawsuits?

by Water Street Solutions May 15, 2012

dFrye64We're litigation crazy in this country and that adds some risk for farmers these days.  Explore what that means to you and how to minimize your risk by listening to this interview featuring Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions.  Dewey Nelson from KRVN is at the mic.  Are Farmers a Target for Lawsuits - Frye AUDIO

For the text of the interview, click here: Are Farmers a Target for Lawsuits?

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