Top Producer Seminar - Drive Working Capital to 40 Percent

by Kim Lang January 27, 2011

2011 Jan 27 Top Producer 020 A packed house turned out this morning to hear Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, talk about how to drive working capital numbers higher.  If you weren't able to sit in, you can listen to the condensed version in the following two audio files.

Top Producer interview Part One

Top Producer interview Part Two

Work ON Your Business, Not Just IN It

by Kim Lang January 25, 2011

2011 Jan 25 Tomorrows Top Producer 019 This was the title of the presentation as Water Street Solutions' President and CEO Darren Frye addressed Tomorrow's Top Producers in Chicago this afternoon.  Frye challenged growers to recognize when they were playing the role of entrepreneur, manager, or technician on the farm.  He assigned a reading list that included the book E-Myth, which presents the concept of a business owner playing each of those three roles, but often gravitating toward the role of the technician.  Frye says those technician jobs, like planting, livestock chores, even marketing can be hired out, but a business owner needs to be responsible for building and communicating the company's business plan and the vision for the future of the business.  Frye will speak again Thursday morning at the Top Producer Seminar.  His session is titled "Driving Working Capital to 40%".     

Profitability Planning Workshop Stops in Norfolk, Nebraska

by Water Street Solutions January 21, 2011

2011 Jan 25 Tomorrows Top Producer 002 Growers in the Norfolk, Nebraska area joined us at Divot's today for a half day workshop focused on the segments of business that we need to focus on to lead us toward profitability.  Sessions focused on Ag Finance:  making profitable decisions using the right numbers; Crop Insurance:  how to get the most use of your premium dollar; Marketing:  how to get to your goals with the right strategy; and Business and Family Succession Planning:  how to get started. 

We're Special!

by Kim Lang January 18, 2011

2011 Jan 18 Winter meetings and Christmas 043 Today's meetings are slated for Galesburg, Illinois and Burlington, Iowa.  We arrived at our Galesburg site early this morning to learn from our hosts that - well, we're special....and so is pot roast.  We'll meet with growers here this morning and then we head to Burlington, Iowa this afternoon.  Tomorrow it's on to Thomson, Illinois and then we head to Norfolk, Nebraska on Friday.

Springfield and Peoria, Illinois on Monday

by Water Street Solutions January 17, 2011

2011 Jan 18 Winter meetings and Christmas 026 Water Street Solutions' farmer meetings are in full swing today. We're visiting with growers in Springfield, Illinois and Peoria today.  Attendees learned about the four levers of profitability:  Production, Insurance, Marketing and Financials and the opportunities to make the most of a production year by leveraging the four together.  There was also a session on Estate Planning.  Meetings continue through the week.

Connecting with Farmers in Carlyle, Illinois

by Water Street Solutions December 15, 2010

2010 Dec 15 Carlyle Winter Meeting 029 Today we held our 5th Profitability Planning Workshop with growers in the Carlyle, IL area.  Attendees learned about the importance of understanding financial metrics and using those numbers to make important farm financial decisions.  Information was also shared on the changes coming in crop insurance and why farmers should choose the right experts to help them mesh crop insurance with their commodity marketing.

A discussion about estate planning focused on the importance of having those tough, sometimes emotional discussions that lead us to make our plans to transition the farm to the next generation.

Water Street Solutions has seven more of these meetings coming up in January.  We'd like you to join us.  Click on the Profitability Planning Workshops button on our home page and RSVP.

Bridging the Gap

by Water Street Solutions November 8, 2010

2010 Nov 14 NAFB 009 2010 Nov 14 NAFB 010

Water Street Solutions' President and CEO Darren Frye spoke Monday at the American Bankers Association North American Agricultural Lenders Conference in Omaha.  He shared with bankers the $500 per acre gap that you can find this year between the most profitable farmers and the least profitable.  Frye says there are four levers that drive the differences in profitability:  production, insurance, marketing and financials.  He says those farmers that are paying attention to all of those and leveraging them together are finding the biggest success.   

The Challenge of Choice

by Kim Lang October 18, 2010

dHeffta64Choice can be paralyzing.  And it seems like we have more and more choices all the time.  How you choose affects your success in life and in your farming business.  Here Dean Heffta, Director of Development for Water Street Solutions shares some pointers about choosing with KRVN's Ken Rahjes.

The Challenge of Choice - Heffta AUDIO

Handling Feed Needs

by Kim Lang October 11, 2010

dFrye64update The volatility of the grain markets is making things challenging for livestock producers who don't have their feed needs covered - those producers who were expecting that lows would come after  harvest.  Water Street Solutions President and CEO Darren Frye talks here with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about what to do now.

Handling Feed Needs - Frye AUDIO  For the text of the interview, click here: Handling Feed Needs

Renting More Ground

by Kim Lang September 27, 2010

dFrye64update Deciding about growing your farming business by taking on more ground is a big decision that shouldn't be made without thought and analysis.  Water Street Solutions President and CEO Darren Frye talks here with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about the pieces that need to be considered before an additional rental agreement is made.

Renting More Ground - Frye AUDIO

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