Helping Farmers Navigate Choppy Waters

by Kim Lang September 21, 2010

sHudson64 Sam Hudson was one of the Market Advisors from Water Street Solutions to staff our booth last week at Husker Harvest Days.  Ken Anderson from the Brownfield Network caught up with Sam there, and they conducted this interview about how Water Street Solutions helps farmers during these turbulent times in the markets.  To find the interview online, click here.

For the text of the interview, click here.  Helping Farmers Navigate Choppy Waters

Profitability Planning Workshops

by Kim Lang September 20, 2010

Water Street Solutions is planning a series of workshops this winter to help you take your operation to the next level.  You can learn:

  • The financial metrics you should track
  • The difference between working capital and net worth
  • Tips for building net worth year on year
  • How crop insurance is changing
  • How to keep cool in times of market volatility
  • Goal setting
  • How to have the tough conversations about passing the farm to the next generation

Mark your calendar now.  Watch for your invitation in the mail.

December 7 - Richmond, IN -- December 8 - Elizabethtown, KY  -- December 9 - Montgomery, IN 
December 10 - Covington, IN -- December 15 - Carlyle, IL  -- January 17 - Springfield, IL 
January 17 - Peoria, IL -- January 18 - Galesburg, IL --January 18 - Burlington, IA 
January 19 - Thomson, IL -- January 21 - Norfolk, NE

Taking the Gamble Out of Marketing Tools

by Kim Lang July 26, 2010

dFrye64update Do you ever feel like some elements of marketing your crops or livestock are a little too risky for your comfort level?  If that's the case - it probably has a lot to do with what you know.  Water Street Solutions' President and CEO Darren Frye talks with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about the difference between hedging and speculating.

Taking the Gamble Out of Marketing Tools - Frye AUDIO  For the text of the interview, click here:   Taking the Gamble Out of Marketing Tools

Understanding Your Break Evens

by Kim Lang June 7, 2010

dFrye64 No one can look in a crystal ball and really predict what the markets are going to do.  We can understand the fundamentals and track the technicals.  The best approach is to know just what you need from the market in order to achieve profit.  And that brings us to Understanding Your Break Evens.  KRVN's Ken Rahjes talks with Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions about how to get to a long term break even -- and the importance of knowing that number going forward into the growing season

Understanding Your Break Evens - Frye AUDIO  For the text of the interview, click here:  Understanding Your Break Evens

Taking the Gamble out of Marketing Tools

by Kim Lang May 25, 2010

dFrye64 The tools that we use to market our crops and livestock can seem overwhelming and even risky -- if you don't understand them.  Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions told farmers attending Commodity Classic this year that farmers need to take the time to learn the tools.  To watch this discussion, click here.

For the text of this video segment, click here: Taking the Gamble out of Marketing Tools

If you have a desire to learn some of these tools, it's a part of our process at Water Street Solutions -- making sure you understand the strategies.  Call us at 866-249-2528.

Some Good Advice

by Kim Lang May 18, 2010

Mike Jacobson64 x 64dFrye64ArlanSuderman 64x64A panel at the Commodity Classic in March talked about Controlling What You Can Control with regard to the financial aspects of your farm.  At the end, Max Armstrong asked members for their best advice.  Click on this link to the video.  This video is 6 minutes long -- and the discussions are around using the financial tools available -- but understanding those tools first.  Learning, understanding and reflecting was another focus.  And there's some discussion here about the importance of succession planning.      

For the text of the video, click here:   Some Good Advice

Tutorial: Combining Marketing and Crop Insurance

by Kim Lang May 4, 2010

ArlanSuderman 64x64 dFrye64 You've heard that you can leverage your crop insurance with your marketing strategy.  But how does that work exactly?  Today we're sharing an in-depth explanation of how that works in bull and bear market years.  Keep in mind this was recorded in early March -- but the lesson's a good one.  Click here to watch the video.  It'll take a little over ten minutes of your day.

For the text and charts of the video, click here: Tutorial Combining Marketing and Crop Insurance

Marketing Tips You Probably Never Thought About

by Kim Lang April 27, 2010

ArlanSuderman 64x64 Mike Jacobson64 x 64 Lots of market analysts like to talk about the fundamentals that may affect the prices in the next few weeks, but there are some pieces of market advice that can make a big difference in your profitability that have nothing to do with the price of grain tomorrow or even next week.  Arlan Suderman from Farm Futures and Mike Jacobson, a banker from Nebraska spoke on a panel at Commodity Classic in March and had a couple excellent pieces of advice about marketing that you've never even considered.  Take a listen by clicking here.  

For the text of this video segment, click here:  Marketing Tips You Probably Never Thought About

Characteristics of the Most Successful Producers

by Kim Lang April 13, 2010

dFrye64 Mike Jacobson64 x 64 ArlanSuderman 64x64 Tim Copeland (Custom) What are the best farmers doing that you're not?  We asked a panel of ag business experts that question at Commodity Classic, and got a variety of answers.  I'm sure you'll learn something if you click here to check out the video.

For the text of this video segment, click here:  Characteristics of the Most Successful Producers

A Solid Start for a Young Farmer

by Water Street Solutions April 7, 2010

Tim Copeland (Custom) ArlanSuderman 64x64 dFrye64 Being a young farmer just getting started in this business presents its own set of challenges, especially if you're operating without the backing of an entity with experience and assets.  This was one of the lines of discussion with the panel we sponsored at Commodity Classic last month.  If you'd like to listen to the advice of this group, click here.

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