Draw Your Road Map to Farm Success

by Heather Lauf April 7, 2014

Farm Futures logoHave you ever tried to drive somewhere new without having directions - from your cell phone or GPS? It can be frustrating trying to get somewhere without a clear road map of how you're going to get there. But what if the map to your destination doesn't even exist yet? When do you do then?

In his weekly Finance First post on FarmFutures.com, Darren Frye, President and CEO writes about what some farmers are doing to 'draw a new map' to their destination of farm success. Read his blog post.

The 'Business-First' Farm Family

by Heather Lauf April 1, 2014

bMetzger64There are a lot of good things about working with your family members, but there can also be a lot of unnecessary risk involved if you fail to run the farm as a business. Families that choose to put 'business first' honor the family members while running the operation in a businesslike way. Director Ben Metzger talks here with Dewey Nelson of KRVN about what these families are doing very well.  The Business-First Farm Family Metzger AUDIO

Build Farm Transition Plan for Future Needs

by Heather Lauf March 31, 2014

Farm Futures logoHow does the future of your farm match up with the hopes and interests of the next generation? What do you need to know now so you can plan for the best farm transition possible?

In his weekly Finance First post, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, writes about how the farm's future can be greatly affected by what it will need for the next generation's success. Read his blog post.

Keeping Landlord Relationships Strong

by Heather Lauf March 26, 2014

dHeffta64A lot has changed when it comes to relationships between farmers and farmland owners - and that's top of mind for many farmers. You might be asking yourself how you can start and maintain the best possible relationships with your landlords. Dean Heffta, our Senior Director, has some ideas for you about how to strengthen those relationships. Listen to him talk about that with Dewey Nelson of KRVN.   Keeping Landlord Relationships Strong Heffta AUDIO

Farm's Future Depends on Next Generation's 'Fit'

by Heather Lauf March 24, 2014

Farm Futures logoIt's an exciting time when a family member is coming back to work on the farm. It's also a good time to get clear about expectations and to help the new family member employee understand what his or her role will be on the farm.

In his weekly Finance First post on FarmFutures.com, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, talks about how the match between what the family member brings to the farm - and what the farm needs. Read his blog post.

'Pre-Season' Check-Ups Key to Success

by Heather Lauf March 19, 2014

ahoerr64As you get ready to get into planting season, you're probably doing check-ups and preparing so you can have the best season possible once you do get out there in the field. And maybe the business side of your operation could benefit from a 'check-up' during this time - helping you plan for success this year. Andy Hoerr, Field Representative with Water Street Solutions, talks about this with Dewey Nelson of KRVN.   Pre-Season Check-Ups Hoerr AUDIO

Recharge Your Batteries Now

by Heather Lauf March 17, 2014

Farm Futures logoYou're anxious to be getting into the field, but taking some time now to reflect and refresh before you get into your busy season could be the best thing for you - and your business.

In his weekly Finance First post, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions says visualizing now what's going to happen during planting time can be beneficial later when you're engaged in such a busy time. Read his blog post.

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