Do you REALLY know where you are, financially?  Do you have a business plan that will make a banker happy?  And how do you decide whether a major purchase is really a good idea for the future of your operation? 

At Water Street Solutions, Financial Analysis is an important part of what we do.  It's where we start in our relationship with you....because, let's face it -- we can't make the best recommendations for your commodity marketing, unless we really know you, and know where you are.

Think of it as a report card for your financial situation.  Our thorough analysis will create a benchmark and position you to make informed decisions going forward. 


 Here are some of the comments that our clients made after going through their first financial analysis with us.


"Wow!  I love how you dug into the financial detail of my operation.  No one has ever done that for me before!"

"I wish when I was my son's age I would have had the ability to sit down and look at something like this.  When I started farming, I didn't know how I was doing or if I needed to be doing anything differently.  I think this is really valuable to do."

"This analysis was great!  I will definitely send updates throughout the year to keep this spreadsheet current."

"Those break-evens appear high.  I have not seen them calculated that way.  I am glad to know where they really are in order to maintain my equity in my operation."

"I really like the recommendations of the different expense categories I can work on to make myself more profitable."

"I have never had anyone else to run ideas past.  I really like that aspect."

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Water Street Solutions helps farmers with profitability, using a business model that you won't find anywhere else. Experts in ag finance, crop insurance, commodity marketing and legacy planning work together on a plan tailored for your farm.

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