PJ and Char Thompson – Little York, IL

PJ and Char Thompson 2“We were looking for someone to put the total package together for us – accounting, financials, marketing and bookkeeping. We’re getting that all put together with Water Street to manage our risk. Our advisors are good listeners and very organized. They help keep us on the right track so information flows as often as possible.

Doing bookkeeping with Water Street is more efficient and accurate than what we had used previously. They’ve helped us to become more detail-oriented with documenting our expenses. We wanted to partner with Water Street for bookkeeping because it’s one less thing for us to have on our minds. We wanted one company to handle everything – and Water Street is a good fit for that.”

Dave and Linda Cunningham – Wausa, NE

Dave and Linda Cunningham 1“We’ve worked with an ag finance specialist to figure out what will happen if we buy or rent a piece of land – looking at different scenarios. It’s a really good tool. Your gut might tell you not to rent the land, but the bottom line is that you want to know how it will affect you in the future. Looking at a financial analysis of my operation opens my eyes to numbers that I should be watching. Your actual financial picture is a lot different than just what your accountant tells you at the end of the year.”


Gary and Adam Ford – Tonica, IL

Gary and Adam Ford 1“We’re very impressed with the information in the financial analysis and how it’s presented. Our ag finance specialist has opened our minds to improvements we can make and areas where we’re already doing very well. We like seeing our operation benchmarked against other operations and averages so we can see where we’re different and why. It’s also helpful to know our direct breakeven cost because that shows us where we can sell.

Before the 2012 harvest, it looked like we weren’t going to have good yields because of the drought. Our ag finance specialist showed us what our crop insurance would do for us. That really set our minds at ease going into harvest. It reduced a lot of our stress when we realized we were going to be OK – no matter which way our yields went.”


Doug and Justin Durdan – Streator, IL

Durdan family“Looking at our financial analysis makes us more aware of our cost of production. It’s not only on an annual basis but more of a weekly basis because the actual cost of production changes frequently. I used to create my own analysis, but the Water Street financial analysis takes everything a step further by including machinery costs, land costs and more. It shows our cost of production going into a growing season, and all throughout it – so that helps us make plans and market our grain.”


Brett King – Newman Grove, NE

Brett King photo“The biggest impact I’ve seen on my farm with Water Street is in risk management – knowing my breakevens and making sure that I’m selling at a profitable level. Also, I can make sure that I’m always building up working capital and equity in my operation with the information in the financial analysis. Water Street has helped so much to put me in the positive financial shape I’m in now.

As a young farmer, I don’t see how you could try to be without Water Street. When you buy a piece of land or machinery, you take a hit on your working capital. Water Street helps me manage that better. They create updated financial scenarios for me when I’m thinking about a purchase. It helps me make good decisions.”

Joe and Nathalie Schmidt – Ottawa, IL

“I used to put responsibility on myself or our accountant for a financial picture or plan, but I didn’t feel I was an expert in that area. Having our ag finance specialist work with us has been a big relief. It’s provided the tools that we need to complete the picture. The plan works very well in conjunction with insurance and marketing – it’s all linked together. Having someone to partner with on the financial aspect gives us the tools that we need to plan better. We’ve told our Water Street advisors what’s important to us and what we need to invest in on the farm. They’re helping us be able to make that happen.”

Wally and Jeannie Linneweber – Vincennes, IN

Wally and Jeannie 1“Working with an ag finance specialist and market advisor has made us more confident and gives us another set of eyes with different opinions. We’ve been introduced to a world of knowledge and the most passionate group of people all in one place that we’ve ever seen. Water Street is very sincere about helping a single group of people – farmers.”


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