Gary and Adam Ford – Tonica, IL

Gary and Adam Ford 1“We looked at the volatility in the markets and realized that things were changing, and that we needed to change, as well. There’s a trust that’s been built now between us and Water Street. We understand more about positions and strategies and have become more comfortable.

Our advisors understand how we communicate and make decisions. They adjust their communication to us and how we like to communicate. We’re more at ease because we have a plan and we know what we’re going to do with our marketing.”

Joe and Nathalie Schmidt – Ottawa, IL

“Marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years. It takes somebody to watch the markets full-time because things can change so quickly. I can’t just do that myself, but I know I have a market specialist who is good at doing that for me. It’s taken a lot of stress away from me. It’s a learning process, and we can definitely see the benefits of it.”



Dave and Linda Cunningham – Wausa, NE

Dave and Linda Cunningham 1“Working with Water Street has taken the worrying part of marketing away from me. When you’re on the farm, you’re so emotionally tied to the corn or the cattle that you only see one side of it. I feel that there’s a lot of trust with Water Street – that they work for me, not partly for me and partly for them. We were involved with a different marketing company before Water Street and that advisor would call to ask why we weren’t making trades – because that’s what he wanted. It had nothing to do with profit or loss on our farm, or if it was good for us. Water Street is the only company that we’ve marketed grain with that we feel like they are our partner.”

Doug and Justin Durdan – Streator, IL

Durdan family“A lot has changed in the last five years in farming. The market has become a lot more volatile – not just the price of grain, but with inputs, rents, machinery, and the cost of land. In that short time, there’s been as much change in farming as there had been in the past 30 years put together.

With greater volatility in the markets, we wanted to be more in control of our marketing and reduce our risk. Our market specialist opens new perspectives to us, especially strategically. He knows our numbers and understands our financial position so he bases ideas for us off of that.”

Travis Michl – Newton, IL

Travis Michl 2“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. I have somebody watching my back, all day. That’s what Water Street does on the marketing. On our farm, we have a team around us – and our market specialist is a very integral part of that because he watches the markets for us. There’s too much involved in farming right now for us to manage everything by ourselves and do an optimal job. Our market specialist leads our marketing so I don’t have to worry about that side of things. I know he’s got it covered.”

Bill Michl – Newton, IL

"Working with Brad and Water Street Solutions has taken a lot of the stress and worry out of my marketing decisions.  The strategies that he's been using, I'm pretty well covered whether the market goes up or the market goes down.  He's made it a lot easier to do my marketing.  We talk once or twice a week.  He shares his thoughts on the markets and gives me an update on the positions that I've got on.  If there's something that's pretty unusual, he'll call me and we'll talk about that situation.  Our relationship is a real good working relationship.  I joined Water Street Solutions to be able to take advantage of these market swings.  They weren't as great or severe back when I started here as they are now - but that was the reason - to be able to capture some gains on these big market movements."

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